Management Brief

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Management Briefing

Top 4 signs
ThaT your business
is ready To plan for profiT

Maximizing the value
of your erp investment
with advanced planning
& scheduling (aps)
Here’s a question you may have asked yourself: Now that you have an ERP system, how can you profit from it? How can you capitalize on the data that is sitting in your ERP system?
ERP systems are very good at keeping track of information as it flows through your organization. They are less good at using that information to help you plan for profit.

how one company took its erp system
to the next level
In SIG Combibloc’s case, the catalyst was rising customer demand. SIG needed to maximize production capacity, but was hampered by sub-optimal Excel-based planning. The planning process was tedious, and the results were difficult to interpret. The answer lay in complementing SIG’s SAP investment with the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) capabilities ERP lacks.

With APS, SIG was able to arrive at optimal decisions in a fraction of the time taken before. Capacity increased, bottlenecks were minimized, and SIG was able to achieve companywide visibility and control.

The link between better planning and profit
By ‘better planning’ we mean KPI-based planning: Planning based on the business goals that are important to your organization.
While this may seem obvious, it is rarely practiced. When asked what constitutes a good plan or schedule, planners typically mention criteria that have very little to do with business goals.
Goals such as reducing costs or improving delivery performance need to be translated into plans that optimize the use of your resources. An APS solution can be a powerful tool in turning business strategies into operational realities.

Management Briefing


The top four signs
Here’s how you can tell if your business is ready to plan for profit with APS.

Sign 1: your planners are kept busy
– but not with making the right decisions
Planners do...