Management and Xerox

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Anne M. Mulcahy Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: March 25, 2008
As far as companies go, you won’t find many listed in the dictionary as a verb, an accomplishment of which Xerox is very dignified. Xerox is best known for its photographic, photocopying, printing machinery, and computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing. Though Xerox has been struggling in the business game as a result of restructuring disasters and difficulties, CEO Anne Mulcahy is doing her utmost best to see that Xerox make the transition from previously defunct to future dominant and global leader in the electronic printing media industry. The Bangkok Post relates what helped her critical success factors was vision. She committed her vision of the company's future to paper: not with a traditional vision statement, but with a fictitious Wall Street Journal article describing Xerox in the year 2005. "We outlined the things we hoped to accomplish as though we had already achieved them," said Ms Mulcahy. "We included performance metrics - even quotes from Wall Street analysts. It was really our vision of what we wanted the company to become." Xerox has gone a long way to making its vision a reality. "Looking back on the article now," she said, "I'd say we've already accomplished about 80% of the things we set out to do." After thorough research and analysis, I am confident that I can assist in giving Ms. Anne Mulcahy recommendations to be implemented to effectively and efficiently shape the future of Xerox’s organizational entity. These recommendations deal with the Internal Environment, the Task Environment and the General Environment. For the Internal Environment I chose the issue of management. This is important and vital because managers are key players on the executive team. Research has found that effective human resource management has a positive impact on strategic performance, including higher employee productivity and stronger financial results (Daft). In the direction of the Task Environment, I decided to focus on competitors. As The Wall...
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