Motivation and Successful Tactics

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Sales Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Which motivational theories are in use at Eagle?

Eagle uses the encourage and reward theory to motivate its salesforce. For example, It features the salesperson who has been the most successful during the previous quarter in the company newslette, give the salesperson a football jersey, a plaque, and $1,000 worth of Eagle stock, and create a "Superbowl Club" for employees who reach or exceed their sales goal and use the "Heisman Award,"which includes a trip to the Caribbean to reward the top 20 salespeople in terms of goal achievement. This way can make the employees have a goal to be look forward in order that the employees have more power to work and work actively.

2.What is the value of getting employees to compete against a goal instead of against one another?

Competing against a goal instead of against one another is good for the employee's teamwork and work because it will be impossible for employees to help each other when they compete against one another and they will not share their own successful tactics and strategies, but competition against a goal will make employees help each other and they will share their own successful tactics and strategies for achieving the goal as soon as possible. And competition against a goal can make every employee has chance to get award and be succeed. So competition against a goal will good for employee's teamwork and work.

3.Put yourself in the shoes of one of the four regional sales managers and argue against potential cutbacks to the motivational program.

Sharing the successful tactics and strategies with one another that will be potential cutback to the motivational program because maybe it make some employee not try to use their own way to work and they will wait for the other person's successful tactics and strategies. So that the successful tactics and strategies will be less and less if more and more do that. So we should give a extra award to the person who produce their own...
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