Management and Kroger Organization Structure

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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Kroger organization structure operate under the matrix structure. The structure function under both functional and divisional structure. The correlations is Kroger has to have both structure to operate Since matrix is a combination of both functional and divisional they share certain similarities. The similarities are they report to a management team that is broken down to regional and division manager. Because Kroger is a diverse, and rapidly, growing company it will be difficult to function in a single structure alone the company manages a wide variety of products, customers and geographic regions. Kroger similatity to a divisional organizational structure needing its own operational department but working together to autonomously to accomplish the goal of the entire company. The organizational structure work in comparison to divisional structure because due to the Kroger wide spread organization and variety it restructure group functions into single division and duplicate each function across all division. The similarity of functional organization to matrix structure is both operate departmental function that’s the division of departmental organization. To ensure the saving of making a company productivity and cost effiency. Both structure bottom line is to save the company money. The contrasting of these organizational structure : matrix decision making is decentralized with one upper management boss. Matrix career ladder and opportunities is dual. Divisional decision making is a central chain of command. Division upper management consist of one boss per division and one career ladder and opportunity per division. Functional is a central chain of command with its upper management consist of one boss per team and one main career ladder per team.