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Question 2: Discuss the strategic importance of packaging with respect to handling and customer concerns

Table contents


The strategic on packaging with handling and customer concerns2

1. Packaging Concerns3

1.1 Marketing Concern3

1.2 Product Concern4

1.3 Legal/Regulatory Concern4

1.4 Warehousing Concern4

1.5 Transportation Concern5

1.6 Environmental Concern6

2. The Functions of Packaging8

2.1 Protection Function/ Containment Function8

2.2 Unitization Function8

2.3 Convenient Function9

2.4 Communication Function9

2.5 Apportion Function10



Packaging is an important warehousing and material management concern, one that that is closely tied to warehouse efficiency and effectiveness. The best package optimizes service, cost, and convenience. Good packaging can have a positive impact on layout and design, as well as overall warehouse productivity. (Stock, Lambert, 2001. Page 460)

Packaging serves two basic functions: marketing and logistics. In marketing function, the package provides customers with information about the product and promotes the product through the use of color, sizing, and so forth. From a logistics perspective, the functions of packaging are to organize, protect and identify products and materials. In performing these functions, the package takes up space and adds weight. (Stock, Lambert, 2001. Page 460)

The strategic on packaging with handling and customer concerns

Base on consumer perception and contend that packaging began to play a greater role in selling products during the 1990s. They argue that companies can no longer rely solely on advertising to communicate information about packaged products to consumers. Instead, packaging has taken on a greater share of this responsibility. With scarce shelf space in stores, packagers must provide packaging that differentiates a company's products from its competitors or packaging that simply catches the eye of the consumer, especially for new products. Indeed, just as ease-of-use and readability are elements of the strategic packaging mix, packaging has become an even more important part of a company's strategic marketing mix. Most packages for consumer products are designed for one of three purposes: (1) to improve the packaging of an existing product,

(2) to add a new product to an existing product line, or
(3) to contain an entirely new product.

On top of all the concerns and functions mentioned by Stock and Lambert, the main purpose of packaging is still to physically protect the product inside. From all stages of product handling up to the consumer’s hand, packaging serves an importance role of protecting the product inside as well as an information provider, its size shape and feels reflect and represent the brand and items contain within its packaging. Redesign of packaging for existing products may be prompted by several factors. Many times, a company may simply want to breathe new life into a maturing product by updating its image or adding a new gimmick to the package, such as an easy-pour spout. Or, a company may redesign the package to respond to a competitive threat, such as a new product that is more visible on the shelf. Other strategic reasons for package redesign include: changes in the product • reduction in packaging costs

• product line restructuring
• alterations in market strategy, such as aiming the product at a different age group • trying to promote new uses for a product
• theft prevention
• accommodation of consumer needs, wants, or complaints • legal or environmental requirements
• the advent of new materials or technologies

Packaging is a concern to marketing, production, and legal. To the marketer, packaging may be a method so selling or at least a method of providing product...
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