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Background research

The current problem at the work place is related to printer facilities available to all members of the secretarial team. The problems currently being experienced is that of printer data capacity, availability, data storage, security, memory capacity and that of the printer needing repair frequently, These problems faced are probably due to the amount of jobs sent to the printer. The printer currently in place is not suitable for the amount of documents that are sent to it for printing. On some occasions data that has been sent to the printer has been lost for unknown reasons and the printer jams on several occasions therefore, the maintenance team of canon have to be called out to resolve these issues and this has a financial impact as there is a call out fee attached to this. Time is a big issue as there are increased queues of staff members waiting to print out from their inboxes. In respect of time staff members have strict deadlines which have to be followed to provide a service to the managers, the service users and external providers. Another issue is the amount of toner cartridges that have been used it has risen over the recent months due to another directorate joining the secretarial teams printer.

Currently at the workplace there are 20 secretaries connected to 1 printer. The current printer in place at the workplace is the Canon iR 3245N which the secretarial team feel is not suitable for the amount of documents and jobs sent to the printer on a working day. 4 specialities are connected to the printer and these specialities include 20 secretaries which are connected to the printer. Also 20 consultant surgeons are connected to the printer an external directorate which totals the number of users to 60 that are connected to this printer.

On a normal working day on average over 3000 documents are sent to the printer. Each secretary has a password attached to their name to gain access to their inbox on the printer. The secretaries are experiencing a few problems with the inbox aspect of the printer such as work has been lost and the data that has been sent to the printer has not reached their inboxes, there is also the problem that the printer prints the documents without the secretary actually physically entering their password which is a security issue. Data protection and confidentiality is affected by this issue, this means that all sensitive data and information that is printed out without control can be seen by members of staff. The issues that need to be addressed alongside the other problems which have been evident with the current printer that is in place.

The above issues raised need addressing as this has a knock-on effect on the service that is provided to the service users, the managers, the consultants and the external companies that this information is sent to etc…

Reasons for changes of the current printer in place

To ascertain the best possible outcome research will be undertaken.

There are many solutions to solve the issues mentioned above which include;

• Providing each individual office/team a printer each.

• Finding an efficient printer that will eradicate the current problems being faced by the secretarial team.

• Cost has to be taken into account when finding the best outcome.

• Having in-house IT support for the printers as regards to having external help which is currently in place as this as a cost implication to the division.

• Reduce the amount of jobs being sent to the printer such as going paperless but this will have an impact on the service that is provided.

Why the change is needed

The change is needed to reduce the amount of problems that are been experienced with the current printer in place. It is needed to help the offices run...
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