Frontier Printers Case

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Human resources Pages: 5 (1517 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Problem Statement
Frontier Printers is lacking strategic human resource objectives that are necessary to address the organizational growth and incorporate changing technological trends. As a result they are at risk of not being able to attract/retain valuable employees and could face potential legal litigation. Critical Facts

Frontier Printers is a small-family business and has seen a 50% growth in the number of employees in the last three years. The departure of the press operator and the driver was attributed to a lack of opportunities for growth within the company. The firm plans on focusing on computer skills and cross-training. In the next two years the firm plans on integrating vertically by introducing new equipment that’ll allow the production of color separation which will reduce cycle time tremendously. This should help the company to increase its outputs more efficiently. The industry has experienced the introduction of various new technological advancements, one which will allow “direct-to-film” to occur that will eliminate the need for two of the employees in the Pre-Press department but will require two new jobs requiring technical skills in another department. The firm does not have any contingency plans for departure of current employees. Currently, a very limited amount of employees have the knowledge to operate the current software which could potentially have serious implications. There is also no formal job analysis evident or list of job descriptions to properly implement performance evaluations. There are no formal qualifications or training for new recruits as it is done on an ad hoc basis by the management team.

Starting as a small-family business, Frontier Printers has been operating in the industry for longer than 60 years. Within the last three years, they’ve seen an enormous growth which has resulted in the realization that they need to develop strategic human resource objectives. This will be further analyzed in three main sub-issues; lack of job analysis, the need for human resource expertise, and adapting to technological improvements. Job Analysis

Job analysis is the formal process of identifying the particular aspects of the job duties and requirements. Conducting a job analysis allows a firm to know the necessary skills and abilities that are expected from an employee to fulfill the job responsibilities. When there is a vacancy in Frontier Printers the job requirements and abilities are discussed by the business owners, Bonnie and her father, who later determine which employee fills the vacancy. Nevertheless, the firm does not have any explicit list of job requirements. This has caused other issues within the organization especially in terms of recruitment, selection, training and development of employees as well as their job evaluations. Recruitment becomes an issue when previous job analysis has not been conducted because the firm cannot give a realistic list of job descriptions and requirements to attract the proper applicants. If one does not know the details of a job than it is impossible for them to recruit accordingly. Upon a vacancy, Frontier Printers would initially search the current employee base, and then look at the pool of job applicants that are already on file. If they cannot find someone, only then will the organization advertise the vacancy to the public. If a proper job analysis was conducted it would become very critical for the firm to use it as a guideline to recruit rather than using a trial-and-error method to find employees. Since the organization does not have clear strategic objectives that it needs to pursue, recruitment takes place without a clear direction. Selection is a process of choosing the best fit applicant for the job from the pool of applicants. Selection is also an issue the firm faces because there are no set guidelines to follow when comparing people’s skills and abilities to the job duties and responsibilities. The firm has to...
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