Topics: Wal-Mart, Supreme Court of the United States, Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Pages: 10 (3598 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Diversity in the Workplace / Wal- Mart Case
Shirley Nolan
October 30, 2011
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This Research paper is about diversity in the workplace. It also talks about how management handles diversity in the workplace and how they view it. The case that I will be talking about is the Wal-Mart case. This case will also show you how leadership played a very important role in this case when it comes to the managers that work for this company. This case had a big in pack on the retail organizations around the world. Woman that works for Wal-Mart are not given the same advances that the males are in the same position in this company. I also talk about some suggestions that managers at Wal-Mart could have done different to stop this case from going to the Supreme Court on June 20, 2001.

One of the most significant issues that management faces today is diversity in the workplace. “Diversity means employing people without discrimination on the basis of gender, age and ethnic or racial background.” (Graves, 1993, p .4). Diversity has important implications for the values of an organization’s culture and for organizational effectiveness. Management is the process by which a person in a supervisory role focuses on planning, organizing, leading and controlling, the work of others to assist an organization in achieving its goals. Managers have to sustain themselves within an environment that is affected and influenced by internal and external factors.

Dealing with diversity is a long-term process that a manager has to face each day in an organization. Because organizational culture is about the deeply held values and often unconscious assumption about what is and is not valued in the organization, it cannot be change either quickly or directly. To create a strong culture for diversity, three factors that managers can manipulate directly must be aligned. These factors are leadership, strategy and, human resources systems. “First, leaders must care about diversity and communicate that they care, articulately, sincerely, and often. Unless leaders drive the diversity agenda, deep level culture change will not occur. Also managers at all levels must be aligned with top management’s commitment to diversity.” Konrad, 2006, p.164)

“The human resource practices are systems much be modified to create a steady flow of diverse candidates through the organization’s careers system by focusing on four principles.” (Konrad, 2006, p, 165) One principle is to hire the best candidates for the position. Second one knows that talent is equally distributed among all demographic groups. Three one is to value the unique qualities and skills a diverse group brings to the organization. Fourth one is recognizing that unless some of the new hires brought into each cohort are different from the historical majority.

In today’s market, organizational strategy is constantly changing leadership requires managers to be effective in coordinating the alignment of organizational and departmental goals, initiating change, motivating, and handling difficult decisions. In placing these types of demands on managers, they must be flexible and adaptable to organizational design. Managers must constantly evaluate organizational culture and the design structure of the organizational. Managers must have the forethought to change and redesign organizational structure to improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness. (Konrad, 2006, p .166)

Managers are no longer concerned with “one-size-fit all” solutions in their organization. Leadership must teach managers to be an active listener and learn motivational methods. Managers who focus on their workforce and disseminate how each person is part of an integrated and highly functioning team, will be able to cultivate talents, skills, and commitment of each member of the team. However, for managers to be effective, they will need help from top...
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