Manage People Performance

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ANSWER 1: These are the five steps to build training program, and will increase chances of assembling an effective program. Analyze
Analyzing the need, or performing a "needs assessment," is crucial in identifying the information that must be addressed in the program. This is where we ask the question, "What do we want our employees to get out of the program?" A great way to complete this phase is to perform a "gap analysis" by comparing current results to the desired performance. Design

The design phase is where we link the needs assessment to the actual creation of new curriculum or the arrangement of existing curricula. This is where we assemble information tied to each program objective. From the needs analysis, we draw the blueprints of the training, based on the customer specifications. Develop Materials This includes items like, references, info packs, case studies, movies, games, and other visual aids. Remember to keep the information organized and easy to use by both the facilitator and the attendees…confusing programs will sabotage your program. Implementation

This is when the training actually takes place.
1. Practice 2. Feedback forms 3. Management/leadership observations and interactions 4. Facilities management, including room arrangement and equipment 5. Classroom rules and expectations, including safety and evacuation procedures. Evaluate

All system outputs are a direct reflection of inputs, processes, and adjustments. The training process is no different. If the outputs of the program are less than desired, then changes to the program may be necessary. Companies should establish a systematic evaluation process to enhance the effectiveness of the training. We feel that the evaluation of the program should occur in two phases: 1) immediately after the program, and 2) some period later…for instance 6 months. The evaluation performed immediately after the program serves to correct...
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