Training Need Analysis and Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

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To assess how the organizational objectives will be realized through the delivery of a staff training programme that will focus on improved and/or changed skills, knowledge and/or attitudes of those directly involved or affected by the ‘change’ •To understand the process and importance of measuring training effectiveness in the organization •To measure the expressed needs of training effectiveness at work place from the individual •To find out the obstacles in the proper utilization and increase the effectiveness of Training programs and try to suggest remedial measures wherever possible. SCOPE OF STUDY :

Study of the Training policy and various development programs being conducted at BHEL, Haridwar.

To find out how much the employees perceive these training programs to be effective and beneficial.

To find out to what degree is the Training given to these employees catering to their general as well as specific needs.
A Training Need Assessment study will help the organization To pinpoint if training will make a difference in productivity and the bottom line. To decide what specific training each employee needs and what will improve their job performance. To differentiate between the need for training and organizational issues. Performing a training gap or needs analysis involves comparing what a person knows with what they need to know in the context of their particular job functions. Performing a gap analysis helps to eliminate over and under training and in so doing increases training effectiveness and efficiency. Measuring Training Effectiveness will help the organization

Have a well-structured measuring system in place which can help the organization determine where the problem lies. This will provide the organization with an idea of where it sits in terms of training system effectiveness and in giving it the structure the administration need to construct a roadmap for improvement. This project will help in finding out the obstacles in the proper utilization and increase the effectiveness of Training programs and try to suggest remedial measures wherever possible. WHY BHEL?

BHEL has always been ahead with their innovating HR practices. Thrust to develop and nurture the participative culture in the Company has continued since long. Human Resource Development has always been the focus area in BHEL. Workshops have been conducted from time to time for Supervisors and Executives on Enhancing Organisational Effectiveness. The objective of the workshop was to bring about better understanding and appreciation of the issues being faced both by the Company and the employees. The Training system at BHEL has always been exemplary. During 2002-03, 40466 participants were exposed to different training programs in various training Centers at Units as well as at apex level in NOIDA. Besides, 3700 Act Apprentices and 1300 Technician Apprentices were also provided with training at BHEL’s Units, as part of fulfillment of its social obligation towards the society. Also, towards its ongoing efforts for higher customer satisfaction, around 1100 customers' personnel were provided training inputs on its products at Training Centers in the Units. Thus an opportunity to study at BHEL will be both enlightening and enriching.

An organization either Business or Industrial Enterprises, needs many factors for its growth, further development and for its very survival. The most important factors are Capital, Materials, Machineries and Human Resources as the success or failure of any organization depends on the effective combination of these factors. Managing all other factors are comparatively easier than managing Human Resources. The Human Resources are most important and need to be handled carefully. Since all the other...
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