Man on Fire: Summary and Analysis

Topics: Denzel Washington, 20th Century Fox, Projectile Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Bullet of Truth:
A Brief Summary and Analysis of
How a Bullet Never Lies

Thesis Statement: In the Man on Fire Suicide Scene, Creasy proves that a bullet never lies. Summary of Man on Fire Suicide Scene:
In the movie Man on Fire, criminal gangs are kidnapping children from the wealthy in Mexico City and demanding ransom money for the young ones. Because of the rise in kidnapping, John Creasy, ex counterinsurgent, is hired by a rich man to be a bodyguard for his daughter. He is sitting in the room he is given when he gets up to place a CD in the player. The music begins to play and revels a woman singing, Creasy is now laying on the couch. He then takes a long pull from a bottle of Jack Daniels, places his hand on his head and begins to cry. He takes one last drink and tries to get up, struggling somewhat.

As Creasy sits up he pulls out a gun. He cocks it back and the bullet pops out and appears it will land in his hand. The bullet slowly falls to the ground just as John is beginning to fist his left hand to hold the bullet. He puts his gun back in his pocket then gets up and goes to his desk, where he precedes to take yet another shot. He begins to cry and slowly brings the bottle to his lips for another long pull. He gets up and begins practicing drawing his gun. He takes his shirt off and stumbles across the room with his gun pointed, ready to shoot. John then sits back down, music still playing in the background, and produces the dropped bullet which he slowly brings up to his lips and kisses it. The music begins to play louder as he places the bullet back in the chamber. He puts a clip in the gun and cocks it. Breathing heavily and crying, he squeezes his eyes shut and brings his arm with the gun to his head and almost pulls the trigger. A piano is heard in the back from the CD and Creasy stops brings the gun down, and takes the bullet out of the chamber. He holds the bullet in his hand before slowly placing it in his pocket. Analysis of Man On...
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