English Huck Finn Boggs

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Julian Vandaele
English 10
November 28, 2012

Special Edition
Tragedy has struck the town in Arkansas, the shooting of our local drunk Mr. Boggs. It all started yesterday when Boggs was travelling through the town doing his usual town rants and threats towards people. Now, usually people in the town would just ignore the drunk, thinking that he is harmless. Mr. Sherburn, on the other hand, is a different kind of man. He is aggressive and very serious when it comes to threats (as well have foreseen).

Boggs strolled into town and called upon Mr. Sherburn and said, “Come out here, Sherburn! Come out and meet the man you’ve swindled”. The whole street was packed with people just listening to what Boggs had to say. While Mr. Sherburn didn’t respond, some people thought that either maybe Sherburn didn’t hear him or that he was a chicken. We soon found out neither of those things were true at all. Finally, Mr. Sherburn came out and said “I’m tired of this; but I’ll endure till one o’clock, till one o’clock, mind no longer”. That was something that Boggs should have taken into consideration. Being Boggs had no thought and being he was drunk, he kept shouting for longer and even some men came around and told him to stop because they knew what will happen to him.

Well, it was after 1 o’clock and Boggs was still shouting and then some people came and tried to carry him away. For a second, it looked like he was hurrying himself and then he yelled “Boggs”, it was Mr. Sherburn. Mr. Sherburn was standing there with a pistol, aiming it upward in the air. Then the barrel came down slow and steady and it was aimed right for Boggs. “O Lord, don’t shoot” said Boggs. Right after that Bang! There went the first shot, Boggs slowly was grabbing at the air and steadily moving backwards and then the second shot was fired. Boggs tumbled backwards on the ground with his arms spread apart. A girl screamed and then jumped near him and said, “Oh he’s killed, he’s killed...
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