An essay on saint john/don bosco

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  • Published: April 12, 2004
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Saint John Bosco was born August 16th, 1815, while Europe, more precisely Italy,

was in the making of a new Renaissance. When he was living, they were many orphaned

and poor boys. Without the guidance that these young men needed, they often got in

trouble with the law. John would have became this way if it weren't for her devoted

mother. John was the youngest son of a peasant family. His father died when John was

only two years old. As a youngster, he would preach to the boys about religion, and that

better supported his thought of becoming a priest. After years of being part of the

priesthood, the leaders saw that he was a natural for dealing with troubled boys. The

great love and bond the young men had with John developed the name Don for him,

meaning Father. He helped many boys and taught them to lead their lives on a straight

path. He took the boys in when the rest of the town thought them to be mischievous. He

bought a house in the midst of a sinful town where many young girls sold their bodies.

He told the townspeople not to influence his boys with negativity or God will never have

mercy on them.

The government was repossessing the place where he was staying and he tried to

find a place where him and the boys could stay. He taught them all about life and taught

them to live life to there fullest and keep God in their hearts. He opened a workshop to

teach the boys how to become tailors and shoemakers. The government was against

what John was doing and tried to kill him on several occasions. The first attempt they

made was to shoot him while he was teaching. The second was to poison him by giving

him a poisoned drink during the time when they called him for confession. The third

attempt was to attack him on the street. Eventually the government gave in and started

to support his acts.

One of the troublesome elder boys, Guiseppe, became quite smitten with a town

prostitute named Lena, whose mother tried to force her to sell her body to provide for

her family. Because in that time, girls were kept to be sold as bed witches or sex slaves.

People took to the streets and started throwing stones at others to protect what they

could find as slaves. Guiseppe showed her that there was a better way to live and

showed he a place where he used to live before he found John. He cared and loved her

dearly. They became very close over time and Guiseppe wanted to marry her. To make

this a reality he stole money for a wedding. Guiseppe paid the consequences by being

put into a jailhouse, and John came to know Lena, and together Bosco and Lena visited

Guiseppe. Guiseppe soon got tired of being treated as a common criminal and decided

to run away from his problems. He asked Lena to join him but Lena refused so Guiseppe

decided to rethink his options and stay to serve his sentence.

As time progressed, John had problems with Archdiocese. They were trying to

take his rights away to perform his weekly session of confession and through the Bishop

they almost succeeded. So John went to the pope to speak about this matter. After

carefully in judgement, they discussed his dream which was that the wild animals were

fighting and all of a sudden, they began to play amongst eachother as lambs. A voice,

Jesus, told him to teach them right from wrong. And then Jesus departed. Mary soon

came to him and told him to settle where he was. John interpreted this dream, as a sign

that God wanted him to care for his sheep in his flock. Soon after this interpretation the

pope died and soon another pope came into the papacy. He went to the new pope to give

homage and to ask the blessing of the Pope for his new organization he was starting

called the Salesians, which was founded in 1859. Pope blessed him but gave him no

financial aid. Soon after Guiseppe was released from prison

nearly after...
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