Man's Best Friend, Boy's First Mentor

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Casey Schunn
Critical Writing
Dan Quinlin
February 12, 2011
“Man’s Best Friend, Boy’s First Mentor”
Have you ever had to hold your lifelong friends’ hand while looking into their eyes just in time to see the last glint of life leave them forever? It is a powerful and terrible experience. When I was only thirteen, my dog of matched years was fatally sick and needed to be put down to end her suffering. Her name was Cody and she meant the world to me. We had grown up together and she taught me many things ever those years. She taught me the lessons of responsibility and friendship. She also taught me one of the hardest lessons in life; sometimes we have to let go of the ones we love, no matter how hard that may be. This dog was one of the most important people in my life as a child and I will never forget all that she did for me.

Owning a pet is difficult work, almost any pet owner you ask can attest to that, but as hard as it may be, it can be equally as rewarding. When I was younger, I was required to take care of my three dogs by feeding them every night during the school year as well as in the morning during the summer. On top of feeding them I also had to take them on runs, make sure they had enough water, received haircuts during the hot parts of the summer, and were free of ticks and other pests throughout the year. I used to complain about this to my parents constantly, but after a few years it became routine and the work was no longer a pain. In fact, I would start to realize that I found comfort in these things. It was a time that I could take to get outside and enjoy the beauty and fun in nature instead of filling my time with material things like TV and videogames that were often prevalent in my daily activities. I would also get to spend time with Cody just playing fetch or petting her thick, black coat of hair. She became a comfort to me and I knew that if I ever was having a bad day, she would always be willing to sit with me and listen to me...
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