A Blizzard Under Blue Sky

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  • Published : April 27, 2012
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English Composition II

Rhetorical Analysis of an argument
March 11, 2012

“A Blizzard under blue sky”
The story “A Blizzard under blue sky” by Pam Houston is about a woman who is not happy and very depressed. She makes a decision to go out into the wilderness. The woman believes that this adventure is the best cure for her even if it means death. She refuses to take any drugs that her doctor tries to prescribe her. She suffers from depression. Her friend Alex is very concerned about his friend and wonders why she would go out knowing that a bad snow storm is headed that way. So he offers her something that she can stay warm with, he offers her a heavy sleeping bag that is thickly layered for the coldest of winter days for her wilderness trip to Beaver Creek. Even though Alex thinks that she is crazy for going on this adventure, he gives her tips on surviving in the wilderness. He advises her about a drink, telling her that if she adds Kool-Aid with your water it won’t freeze up. She is not completely alone she has her two dogs name Jackson and Hailey for company and to keep her warm. Her two dogs that will accompany her have different personalities. Jackson who is a big dog has energy and also encourages her when she’s down. Jackson seems to understand her and knows just what to do when it comes to lifting her spirits. Jackson gives her a breath of fresh air. She communicates with Jackson and understands his body language. And then there is Hailey. Hailey is a small dog who is lazy and laid back. Hailey is a constant groaner. But, she cannot imagine her life without Jackson and Hailey. She talks to Jackson and Hailey daily, they are her companions. Animals can be a spark of joy in someone’s life and will make them forget about any worries, depression, or problems you are experiencing…. I remember I had a Yorkshire terrier name Georgie, and I would talk to Georgie all the time. When I was sick he would not leave my side or if one of the...
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