Male vs Females

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Males VS Females

As described in Weiten, Dunn & Hammer, the Characteristics of traditional masculine and feminine body language differ in many areas. Many people may look at the behavior of aggression as a traditional body language as masculine for a male. Man people may look at the traditional body language of a female as being nurturing and loving for the feminine role. It’s very obvious that men and women differ in physical appearance as well as body parts but there are still many differences (Janet Shibley Hyde, 2004). Many Americans in society today have characteristics that partake in life roles of females and males today life males are more active, aggressive, and independent, but women are more creative, emotional, and needs approval.(Best & Thomas, 2004; Williams & Best, 1990).

Many man are glorified by what they do in the world today as to women everything they do is perceived to be negative (Ridgeway & Bourg, 2004). For example, people’s sexuality in societies characteristics play many roles like if males have sex with many girls they are the man, but if females have sex with a lot of males then they are whores or sluts. In this world today females should just go ahead and say this is a man’s world because no matter how much women strive for greatness it is always put down in a negative way.

Most of the nonverbal signals both men and women often sends off is postures, hand gestures, and facial cues of attractions are all different ways of nonverbal signals. Nonverbal signs can go from as simple as making eye contact with someone; which can mean many things like a person may like that person or a person is lying and it may differ in many other cultures. Nonverbal signs can also be as simple as one’s self touching which can mean many things also, but most may take it as something sexual.

Females and males bare a relationship to power and status issues because man get praised for bad behavior and women get put down for anything...
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