Case Study Mike and Marty

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Big Five personality traits, Intelligence Pages: 3 (557 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Case Study

Lauren Spencer


Laura Schulz

Case Study

This case study focus on twin brothers, Marty and mike, that couldn’t be any more different than two strangers. Marty is a good asset to society while his twin brother Mike not so much. They both have very different personality traits and present different types of intelligence. Mike and Marty’s Personality Traits

Both Mike and Marty display 4 out of the 5 big personality factors. Both of them display some of the same personality factors just different traits within each factor. They both display traits that are at different ends of the spectrum. Marty

Marty is the better brother, he displayed an openness to experience (independent-conforming, practical, and preference for routine), conscientiousness (careful, disciplined, and organized), extraversion (quiet, sober, and retiring), and Neuroticism (calm, stable, and secure). Marty displays these by being well behaved, quiet, preferring to keep to himself, polite, and a dedicated family man. Mike

Mike is the more difficult brother, he displayed conscientiousness (Independent and preference for variety), extraversion (talkative and social able), agreeableness (fault-finding, cold, and unfriendly), and Neuroticism (Tense and insecure). Mike displays these by starting bar fights, dropping out of high school, and going against authority.

Concept of Self-Actualization
Self-actualization is when someone is self-fulfilled by reaching their full potential in his or her own way. Marty has reached his full potential, he is successful in his career, academics, and family so he is self-fulfilled. This causes him to be very secure in himself and everything he does. Mike is not self-fulfilled because he is not reaching his full potential in my opinion. According to Carl Rogers (1971), Self-actualization is a state of self-fulfillment in which people realize their highest potential, each in a unique way...
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