Maladaptive Behavior

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Maladaptive behavior such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is common among children. The diagnosis of ADHD in adults can be more difficult than in children. There are many controversial issues surrounding adult/child (ADHD) which include history, symptoms, treatment, and causes.

Historically speaking, ADHD is generally thought to be a childhood disorder. However, data suggest that many adults, both male and female are affected. Most patients diagnosed during childhood carry the disorder into adulthood. Studies show that out of the number of adult cases, over 50 percent were ADHD as children. Nevertheless, women tend not to be diagnosed as children because they never made trouble. Instead, they are often called daydreamers or disorganized. However, the cognitive problems such as being attentive exist. In addition, of the children diagnosed with the disorder, over 80 percent were boys.(Searight 1)

This disorder presents different symptoms in adults than in children. Adults are first evaluated according to their personal account of symptoms. Some of these symptoms may include problems with organizational skills, being easily frustrated, unable to prioritize, quick tempered, impulsive, trouble coping with stress, finding it hard to finish tasks, trouble keeping a job, and defiance of authority figures. The individual may also forget important engagements or speak out of turn, giving no thought to what he or she says. Personality traits of the individual may range from being creative, intelligent, and driven to pessimistic, worrisome, underachiever, or destructive. Persons having ADHD throughout childhood seem to undergo changes as an adult. In the place of hyperactivity, adults tend to have feelings of being completely out of control. Although some adults may be able to exercise self-control while sitting through a lecture, they probably will not comprehend anything that was said. They may also experience problems with short-term memory and...
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