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Good morning everyone, my name is Anh Tuan. Today I would like to present about EpiCentre, one of largest Apple Premium Reseller (APR) in the region.

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First of all, I will show you the background of EpiCentre. Next one is the Current retailing strategy; in this part we will get knowledge about which target market of EpiCentre, how they build strong image of EpiCentre and EpiCentre’ s service to attract the customer, and how the EpiCentre use marketing mix to determine a product or their brand. Thirdly is recommendation, which disadvantages that EpiCentre should change in the strategy and which good things that they should carry on. The last one is conclusion.

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EpiCentre is a first Apple Premium Reseller in Asia, which sell the Apple products, software, Apple accessories and some others accessories. Customer can enjoy an interactive shopping experience where they can touch, feel, test the range of Apple products offered such as Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Macbook etc. EpiCentre is also an industry leader in providing the most comprehensive variety of Apple branded accessories. Behind this soaring success is Mr. Jimmy Fong, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of EpiCentre Holdings. This is Mr. Jimmy Fong, a man in slide.

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There are 8 retail stores in Singapore, which located in Bugis Junction, Marina Bay Sands, Takashimaya, Orchard road, Suntec city, Somerset, Wheelock Place, and Scotts Square. All the outlets were built inside or near the shopping center, where there are so many people so EpiCentre can easily attract a large amount of customers

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EpiCentre has variety products for customers, so they can easy choose what they want such as Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Apple Care, Apple TV, and Software and the accessories. They also have good services for customers such as become membership of EpiCentre to get more discount. They have great locations and customers can exchange the products in 7 days. EpiCentre creates a sense of peace of mind for customers when they buy the products in store.

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In 2002, EpiCentre established the first Apple Centre in Singapore. In 2004 EpiCentre acquired distributorship for third-party brand iPod accessories started own proprietary brand of accessories. In 2006, Asia’ s First Apple Premium Reseller opened second outlet- EpiCentre at Suntec City. In 2007, EpiCentre established first overseas store in Kuala Lumpur. In 2009, EpiCentre was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. In 2009, EpiCentre opened fourth outlet- EpiCentre at ION orchard (july 09) and opened fifth outlet EpiCentre at 313 Somerset (Dec 09). And in 2010 they opened the sisth outlet-EpiCentre at Marina Bay Sands (May 10)

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Now I will talk about the current retailing strategy. In the target markets, EpiCentre focuses the midrange customers and customers in high level because the prices of products are quiet expensive. The customers will be attractive by modern technologies. Customers, who want to own products, must pay considerable amount of money, which have a good quality and well-known brand. EpiCentre only established in three countries, Singapore, Malaysia and China so only people who live in those three countries can easily buy the products of EpiCentre. EpiCentre focused primarily on the Singapore market, where the consumption stands on the top.

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In positioning, EpiCentre built the image of retail stores appropriately for customers who they sell products for. The Employees wears the uniform and always friendly with customers. The layouts of products attract customers. When consumers buy the products in EpiCentre, they will not worry about the quality and Apple is the well-known brand in over the world. EpiCentre has high quality personal service. The price of products and the accessories are expensive.

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Next is marketing mix. First are Product Assortment and the Services. With the variety of products and the well-know brand of Apple,...
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