Major Assignment

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Citation Pages: 13 (2900 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Faculty of Business
Information Technology

Fundamentals of Marketing

Major Assignment


Semester-1 /2013

Due: 11am: Week 12
Friday 31stMay 2013
Worth: 30 percent of the final grade
Location: Assignment box for
Milind Mandlik
Level 3 NR Block

This is an Individual Assignment

Purpose of the Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply key marketing concepts to a given product/service, the emphasis being on the elements that make up the marketing mix. The knowledge you gain over the period of the course will allow you to successfully complete and submit the required report. The product/service scenario to be used this semester follows after the report instructions.

Report Instructions
Over the weeks that follow, you are to carry out a detailed analysis of the given product/ service. You should analyse your product/service in relation to the marketing objectives, needs of the target markets, buyer behaviour response and in relation to the other elements of the marketing mix.

You should conduct secondary research and all sources of information should be acknowledged. As primary research is not necessary in this assignment, you are requested not to contact any business organisations for information.
Most reports will have a maximum word count of 3000 words (plus appendices and references). However quality, not quantity, is the criteria on which your report will be assessed. The report should be typed and the Declaration and Mark Sheet which appears at the end of this assignment must be attached to the front of your assignment before you submit it. Failure to attach the Declaration and Mark Sheet to the front of your assignment will result in your assignment not being marked.

Please ensure that you spell and grammar check your assignment before submitting it.

Your report must include the following sections:

Executive summary: This is used to summarise key findings of each section in your marketing plan.

Introduction of the company and report. This should include: * the history of the company
* its location

Stated Objectives
* the company’s marketing objectives
* SMART guidelines to be followed
* A few soft objectives to be included in the report (2 marks)

Situation analysis. Elements of this section should include: * the type and the size of the market in New Zealand
* the number of competitors and an estimation of their relative market share * macro environmental factors (i.e. technological, economic, political-legal, socio-cultural), etc.

Target market analysis.
* Outline the company’s target market profile(s)
* Discuss the market selection criteria available to you and the choice made by you * Discuss the market segmentation and segmentation strategy used by existing players in the market.(5 marks)

Key positioning strategy
* Given the product category how will you position your products in the market place?(3 marks)

Product strategy. Your product strategy must address the following: * The type of product you are marketing (product classification) * Your product line(s) and mix
* how you will brand your product?
* how your product will be packaged?
* any other product related matters which you consider relevant. (5 marks)

Promotional Strategy. Your promotional strategy must include: * your promotional objectives
* how you will use the various elements of the promotional mix * plus any other promotion related matters which you consider relevant.(5 marks) You are NOT...
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