Topics: Criminology, Crime, Victim Pages: 11 (4167 words) Published: March 5, 2013
“Where the population is big, the crime is more likely to occur” this explains what could be the problem of our college students nowadays, with a very high population in Metro Manila where almost all universities are located. Increasing crime rates in Metro Manila is a big factor for each and every college students who are most likely affected by those occurring incidents. For the past two years, crime rate in Metro Manila are sharply increasing and one of the primary victims of this increasing crime rates are college students. A big portion of the population in Metro Manila is teenagers which ages ranges from 16 to 19 years of age. It is clearly evident that most of the victims of such crimes are students from every university in Metro Manila. For every student who most likely to know this facts from news and internet, may lead to something that can affect their own capability and performance as an individual. For victims and non-victims it may cause them fear and other factors which will create a bad impression about the condition of the security in Metro Manila. As mentioned earlier, the most victims came from universities. For that reason, distinctive effects of increasing crime rates shall be known and enumerated. Everyone should know what could be the effect of this trauma to the physical and mental condition of each victim. It may serve as a guide for those teenagers that were unaware of what is really the big deal in going alone in Metro Manila as a student and as an individual. In accordance with the mission of Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), its students must be aware of the scenarios currently happening to our society. Mentioned as well, the Institute engages in research with high socio-economic impact and reports on the results of such inquiries. That’s the reason why, we must have a contribution to disseminate information regarding the crime rates in Metro Manila that involves the lives of students.

Crime basically is any act which is against one's will or against one's rights as a human person and is punishable by law. It is an act that is trying to invade over someone's property or trying to take away something which rightfully belongs to a person. Crime happens in many forms, and has different effects. Typically, crime is kept under control by processes of the law and law enforcement. However, crime has a tremendous effect on the society and the people within it as a whole. Every day, there is crime all over the world. Crime is like a thief in the night, that common people will never know when it will happen. But in the bright side of it, it can be prevented from happening.

Crime as explained by (Parks, 2009) is an act that violates the rights of a person, or group of persons, or their property. It can also be defined as an act that could endanger the lives or safety of the public in general. An example of that type of crime could include the firing of a weapon within the vicinity of a certain place. By firing that weapon in a populated area, you endanger the lives of the people within the range of the firearm. Although you didn't intentionally killed the person who will be hit by the bullet, still you are the one responsible for the reckless act of firing a weapon over a populated area.

Every year, crime rates are becoming higher and higher. As the country develops and develops, so as the criminals develop too. As the technology helps make life of man more convenient, so as for the lives of the criminals too by means of making it easier for them to perform their "evil" mission or objectives with the aid of technology. The increase of crime rates are uncontrollable nowadays mainly because of the development and evolution of the modern-day generation. As the years pass by, more and more innovations are coming to the society. The tendency for that is to arouse more minds of the people to perform such crimes. Because we wouldn't want to stop these innovations from coming and...
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