Ethical Issue in a Rape Case

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  • Published : May 12, 2010
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Chicago School
Agnita Henry 08050506
London Metropolitan University UK
In this essay the main focus would be surrounding the Chicago School, how it has made such a significant contribution to criminological theory and method, and in what ways has this been achieved. Some of the contributions to criminological theory and method came from the Chicago School. The work done by some of the most important sociologist, such as Robert Park and Ernest Burgess (1864-1944), looked into the developing communities around them, and within the surrounding area’s to understand within these communities the social factors which contributed to criminal behaviour. The research looked into criminal behaviour, and took into consideration the social factors such as neighbourhoods and would class them in to high class and low area of crime, and they found that in the low area of the neighbourhoods, there were higher crime levels. It is understood from the research undertaken from the Chicago school that has lead to a better understanding of criminal behaviour. This research gave the meaning that criminal behaviour has been learned through people’s social environment, and this negative effect could be changed by people changing their surroundings. Overall the sociologist from the Chicago school had a great influence on the background of criminal behaviour which deprived from individual backgrounds and where people grew up as being their social factors behind their criminal behaviour. Thus the research undertaken by the Chicago School was to look at not why individuals commit crime but the social and physical factors which influence criminal behaviour as well. It was also suggested that “growing up and living in such negative conditions, influence people’s lives”. (Burke, 2005:p116). Firstly it was suggested that crime was an ecological system where individual people would share, live and depend on one another, in the sense of how communities developed. Another factor...
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