Topics: Crime, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Tanya Hamlyn
November 7, 2010

In your opinion, which of the two organizations interests you the most? Why?
The members of the association in the ASC (American Society of Criminology) have pursed scientific, scholarly, and professional knowledge concerning the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency. (The American Society of Criminology, n.d.) The members of the association in the Academy of criminal justice Sciences (ACJS) are an international association that fosters professional and scholarly activities in the field of criminal justice. This association promotes research, policy analysis and promotes criminal justice education within the discipline of criminal justice for both educators and practitioners. (home page, 2010) I think I would like the ASC American Society of Criminology because it deals with the knowledge you already have on the subject of criminology and the ACJS deals with the education that you are about to learn. Do you think there is a major difference between the two organizations in their mission towards combating crime? The differences between the organizations are that ACS is the study of crime causation and the policies and practices of how to control crime. (Schmalleger, 2009) Do you feel that change is needed in the criminal justice field, specifically towards these organizations and their role in criminology and the criminal justice field? Yes changes is needed in the criminal justice field because of prison overcrowding, staff abuse in the prisons, wrong man accused syndrome, terrorism and the different cultures in the United States today. References

home page. (2010). Retrieved November 7, 2010, from The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences: Schmalleger, F. (2009). Criminology Today: An Intergrative Introduction (Vol. 5th edition). Prentice Hall. The American Society of...
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