Maintaining Satisfaction Memo

Topics: Vehicle, Vehicles, Automobile Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Maintaining Satisfaction Memo
Tangye Obilade
March 11, 2013
John Zupan

Maintaining Satisfaction Memo

The Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) received censure regarding tiresome duration when customers inquire services. The average delayed expectation time for each person is 45 to 60 minutes resulting in frequent discontent. As a result, suggestions referencing improvements to abbreviate duration of receiving services is need. The DMV offers a variety of services to customers in the community therefore; a face-to-face transaction gives individuals opportunities to form a connection with the agents in the DMV. Moreover, it allows customers and agents to engage in conversations regarding other services. In addition, it creates powerful connections and enhances reliance on the integrity of Georgia’s DMV deeming delay in expectation cumbersome. Based on frequent discontent of individuals in the community and cognizance of the imperativeness of time management the DMV should consider creating a system that addresses key concerns of the community. A propose of handling request for driver’s licenses renewal, change of place of residence, vehicle tax payable by the owner of a motor vehicle renewal, and making an appointment for behind-the- wheel driving test online elevates malcontent. To intensify the experiences of customers who prefer visiting the DMV building implementing information technology such as kiosk deem favorable. Kiosk reduces customer’s delay expectation and increase contentment levels of agents output of service. Moreover, grants agents the ability to concentrate on intricate service delivery ("DMV Kiosks," 2013). In addition, implementing Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment a form of e-commerce would guarantee installment of fees occur spontaneously on the date of services such as driver’s licenses renewal and vehicle tax payable by the owner of a motor vehicle renewal, due date. This elevates delay of...
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