Mahatma Gandhi

Topics: Violence, War, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 15, 2013
War and Peace: From Personal Conflict Global Resolution
Gandhi’s grandson, Mahatma Gandhi, was an amazing speaker and cleared about the conflict between war and peace not only with our surrounding but also within ourselves. Mahatma believes that Gandhi’s theory is no longer being used in our modern times, that being positive attitude, love, and respect. On the other hand our modern times is just a display of negativity. He also believes that we should be a better person than yesterday; which we are far from trying to be today, as well as being civilized.

Gandhi had three women in his life that influenced him in many ways. His mother, teaching him to be a spiritual person and respecting its vows. For example, his mother would give up something she loved and actually went through with it, even if it met not eating till she saw the sun. His nanny, teaching him not to be fearful, finding peace within one self, and respecting his elders. Last but not least, his most influential was his wife, she who taught him not to be violent.

Mataham stressed about understanding our anger mentally, so that we don’t have to become violent physically in our personal life. Furthermore, once we learn how to channel our anger we can commit to ourselves to find a solution to our problem other than using violence. Once we are at the moment of madness, we begin to do thing that our own mind can no longer control. We have to learn our own mind first before we can know how to control it. That way is better to face the situation and put it behind us.

There is not only physical violence, but also different types of violence: mental, nature, humanity, and passive. Mental violence being able to control our own anger. There is nature which is an interesting one, that being said when Mahatma was younger he through a pencil to the floor no longer wanting it because it was to small, hoping that his grandfather Gandhi would give him a new one. What Gandhi told him was by he throwing that...
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