Maggi Strategy Planning

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing plan Pages: 5 (1047 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Group project Report & Presentation
“Project on – Designing a Marketing Plan”

I. Project Brief

Each team needs to select any company and its brand in India. Students are required to follow below instructions: • Recommend appropriate one-year marketing plan of one brand of the chosen company. • Determine your assumption of marketing objectives, human resource objectives and financial objectives. • Make sure that the marketing plan is suitable with the product’s target market.

II. Marketing plan guideline

1. Executive Summary (1 page)

2. Situation Analysis:
Market Summary
• Market Growth (1-2 pages)
Explain market and segment growth over past periods and the forecast market and segment growth. Explain any factors affecting the market and segment growth. • Market Trends (1-2 pages)

Explain the nature of market and segment trends that will affect the brand’s performance. • Market Needs (1 page)
Analyze the target market’s current needs and explain how the brand can satisfy the needs. • Market Demographics (1-2 pages)
Describe the brand’s current target market in terms of demographic, geographic, and behavior factors. SWOT Analysis (2-3 pages)
• Strengths
• Weaknesses
• Opportunities
• Threats
Competition Analysis (Comparison tables, graphs, and charts are needed) (2-4 pages) • Describe direct and indirect competitors in terms of: o Target markets served
o Product attributes
o Pricing
o Promotion
o Distribution including the distributor network
o Services offered
Product Offering (2-3 pages)
• Describe the company’s product for the following details: o Product Attributes
o Pricing
o Distribution
o Promotion
o Services Offered
o Current product life cycle
Keys to success (1 page)
• Identify the important keys to success of the brand

3. Marketing Strategy
Mission (1 page)
Marketing Objectives (1 page)
• Specify the marketing objectives for the coming year in terms of o market share
o customers (number/percentage growth)
o level of brand/company awareness
o product trials
Financial Objectives (1 page)
• Specify the financial objectives for the coming year in terms of o Sales growth
o by volume and growth percentage
o by segments
o Profitability growth
o Ratios (use common financial ratios and other metrics associated with marketing in the industry)

Target Market (1 page)
Target market: identify current target market. If you have plan to change target market, identify your objective and details of your plan. Positioning (Comparison graph is needed) (1 page)
Describe current market positioning of the brand. If you have plan to change market positioning, identify objectives and details of your plan. Marketing Strategies (1-2 pages)
Explain your marketing strategy to accomplish the objectives as you set in details. Marketing Mix (3-4 pages)
Explain in details regarding the suggested marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) to accomplish the objectives o Product: identify your plan related to existing products or new products by specifying features/attributes offered, category of product, branding strategy, packaging, and labeling. o Pricing: identify pricing strategy for the existing / new products. It should indicate factors influencing pricing strategy such as costs, competition, customer expectation, and economic situation. o Distribution: identify distribution plan for the product (s) in details including objective of the plan, type of channels. o Promotion: describe how the product will be promoted. Integrated marketing communication consists of six major areas – advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal...
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