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Maggi Noodles the Top Dog in Noodle market

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MAGGI… happiness in 2 minutes
Introduction: Maggi is owned by Nestle and is one of the few brands which have created a category for themselves in the food market in India. Maggi is mostly known for the noodles which are marketed under the same brand name. Maggi noodles were launched in Indian market in the early 1980's with the intentions of exploring the possibilities in the instant food market in India. After the investment of huge amount of money in marketing and a lot of time Maggi has virtually created and developed the noodle market in India. Maggi dominates the estimated Rs 1,300-crore instant noodles category in the country with 80% share, according to Nielsen data as reported by Economic time in an article. And as reported by nestle spokesperson: Maggi has anywhere between 80%-90% share and it is growing the size of the market and gaining market share.

When nestle launched Maggi, the biggest obstacle in the brand’s success was not competition or substitution but it was the psyche of the very customers that the brand was targeted at. The initial marketing strategy positioned Maggi as a pre-cooked food which can be prepared fast and easy. This was targeted at working women who did not had much time to cook for them or their husbands or were very tired by the evening to prepare a meal. The general psyche of Indians made Maggi look as a unhealthy brand as it was made from refined flour or Maida. Initially the market was not very accepting of the brand or even the product category as a whole. After the initial troubles with the sale not picking up, the researchers showed that the product was very popular among children because of the taste and the shape of the product. Realising this, Nestle repositioned the brand towards the kids using sales promotions and smart advertising. Now Indians are the largest eaters of Maggi Noodles in the world. Maggi Noodles is...
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