Snack Food and Ready-to-eat Snacks

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  • Published : March 23, 2012
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Executive Summary

Indian snack food industry comprises of many Indian as well as MNCs. The Indian snack market reached a value of $307.7 million in 2001. The Indian snacks food market is of the order of 400,000 tones. This wide range of products are categorized under Potato / Banana Chips, Namkeens & Fun-Foods. The organized market for chips is estimated to be 6500 tons valued at Rs.2 bn. The market for branded chips has been growing at a fast pace of around 20-25 % annually.

Since the majority of MNC's entered their venture in Ready-To-Eat Snacks & Namkeens. The project was conducted to study the overall industry for Ready-To-Eat Snacks & Namkeens. The research was conducted to study the actual buying behavior of the consumers and their preference for such a category of food. Research methodology being exploratory research Questionnaire method to interview consumers as well as retailers was adopted. Retailers were surveyed to know the actual market behavior, whereas the consumers were surveyed to know their preference and factors affecting their purchase. Secondary data on industry is collected through Internet, magazines & by visiting the people in the industry.

The Research was a good experience & the final conclusion is that the consumers generally associate Ready-To-Eat Snacks & Namkeens with Time Pass. Majority of them prefers wafers to be their first choice with Fraiams being the second preference. Namkeens on other hand are usually preferred as hunger quencher and are eaten whenever the consumers are hungry.

Ready-To-Eat Snacks & Namkeens are generally considered as take away food and hence the consumers generally buy 1-2 packs and does not store them. Through the research it was concluded that the consumers want even POPCORN to be included in this category which is also an opportunity for the manufacturers to launch a new product and extend their product width. Overall the industry is grooming and has vast opportunity to be cashed for the manufacturers.

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← INTRODUCTION______________________________________________02 ← PROBLEM STATEMENT_________________________________________03 ← RESEARCH OBJECTIVE_________________________________________03 ← INDUSTRY OVERVIEW _________________________________________04 ← CATEGORIES & PRODUCT OVERVIEW __________________________05 ✌ POTATO CHIPS__________________________________________05 ✌ BANANA CHIPS _________________________________________06 ✌ NAMKEENS_____________________________________________07 ✌ FUN-FOODS____________________________________________09 ← PACKAGING ______________________________________________10 ← COSTING & PRICING________________________________________11 ← DISTRIBUTION ____________________________________________11 ← CONSUMER PROFILE________________________________________12 ← SAMPLING DESIGN ___________________________________________15 ← RESEARCH DESIGN ___________________________________________15 ← DATA COLLECTION____________________________________________16 ← DATA ANALYSIS______________________________________________16 ← RETAILERS POINT OF VIEW __________________________________17 ← CONSUMERS POINT OF VIEW_________________________________22 ← MARKETING & ADVERTISING STRATEGY___________________________26 ← FACTS & FIGURES ____________________________________________27 ← CONCLUSION & RECOMMANDATION______________________________28 ← APPENDIX___________________________________________________29 ← QUESTIONAIRE FOR RETAILERS_______________________________29 ← QUESTIONAIRE FOR CONSUMERS _____________________________30 ← BIBLIOGRAPHY_______________________________________________31



India is one of the world’s major food producers but accounts for less than 1.5 per cent of international food trade. Food...
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