Macys Marketing Plan

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  • Published: April 6, 2011
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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

MK 332

Macy’s Integrated Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
Macy’s Inc. is a well-established, historic and profitable company that is known as a quality yet affordable department store. Macy’s is an American icon; therefore our objective is not to change this image, but to modify it to appeal to a more youthful market. With our main objective in mind, we have proposed an Integrated Marketing Campaign that is geared towards our target market of young adults. By choosing alternate forms of media that appeal more to our younger target market, we can place Macy’s in these customers’ evoked set. For example, we plan to use media outlets such as social media websites, television, magazines targeted to young adults and direct marketing through email. A main feature we have outlined in this plan is an Interactive Dressing Room on the Macy’s website which will grab the attention of our technologically savvy target market and hopefully form lasting relationships with the company. Because our target market is younger, we have found it necessary in our IMC plan to consider this age group’s financial means. Our sales promotion includes sending out coupons to Macy’s customers who have recently been shopping online; our plan integrates data mining into this program in order to send personalized coupons to customers based on their recent browses or purchases. Lastly, our IMC plan proposes the integration of cause related marketing and green marketing with our target market, as well as a social event at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade targeted to young adults. Situation Analysis

Macy’s has various strengths and weaknesses to its brand name, along with the fact that the entire department store industry is subject to different opportunities and threats. Strengths that Macy’s has include its strong brand recognition, purchasing power and a mixture of new and old marketing channels. The fact that Macy’s is one of...
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