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National Cranberry Cooperative

Group Members
Deepti Anand 12BM60003
Rakesh Rajendran 12BM60009
Vineeth Mathai 12BM60013
Prashant Kumar Singh 12BM60037
Akhil Krishna Gupta 12BM60084
Subramanian S 12BM60088
Dhileeban K M 12BM60107

Process Analysis

We start by making a process flow diagram for the flow of berries at RP1 from the moment berries arrive at the RP1 in trucks to the moment they leave in RP1 after being bag packed, bulk loaded into trucks or loaded into bulk tins.

The capacities of the various processes are based on the assumptions or data as shown below:

Dumping Capacity

Number of Kiwanee Dumpers = 5

Average time taken by truck to load the berries onto Kiwanee Dumpers = 7.5 minutes

(Maximum being 10 and minimum being 5 minutes)

Average weight of berries in a truck = 75 bbls.

Dumping Capacity = 5 * 75 * 60 / 7.5 = 3000 bbls/hr.

Holding Bin Capacities

Bin No. 1-16 can hold dry berries only up to 250 bbls per bin.

Total capacity of bin numbered 1-16 = 250*16 = 4000 bbls

Bin No. 17-24 can hold dry/wet berries up to 250 bbls per bin

Total capacity of bin numbered 17-24 = 250*8 = 2000 bbls.

Bin No. 25-27 can hold wet berries up to 400 bbls per bin

Total capacity of bin numbered 25-27 = 400*3 = 1200 bbls.

De-stoning Capacity

No. of de-stoning units = 3

Capacity of each unit = 1500 bbls/hr

Total de-stoning capacity = 4500 bbls/hr

De-chaffing Capacity

No. of de-chaffing units = 3

Capacity of each unit = 1500 bbls/hr

Total de-chaffing capacity = 4500 bbls/hr

Jumbo Separator and Bailey Mill Lines

No. of separator units = 3

Average capacity of each unit = 400 bbls/hr

Total separator capacity = 1200 bbls/hr

Bagging Station Capacity

Maximum output per day = 8000

Working hours = 12hrs.

Capacity = 8000/12 = 667 bbls per day

Bulk Bin Loading Capacity

No. of loaders for bulk bin loading = 4

Capacity of each loader = 200 bbls/day

Total bulk bin loading capacity = 4 * 200 = 800 bbls per day.

Bulk Truck Loading Capacity

No. of loaders of bulk trucks = 2

Capacity of each loader =1000 bbls/hr

Total Capacity Bulk Truck loading Capacity = 2000 bbls/hr

Current Problems
* Capacity Constrained
* Processing Start Time
* Overtime Costs

We have identified 3 areas of improvement
1- Wet Berries are 70% of current deliveries, since wet berries need to be dried, current intake is 2100 BBLs/HR current capacity is only 600 BBLs/hr 2- Currently on a peak day processing starts at 11AM and on Low days at 3PM 3- Current OT costs are out of control over 12,000 hours spent costing over $100K

System wide Optimization

Chief berry receiver grades truck-loads of berries on arrival at RP1,using color pictures as a guide, into grades 1,2A,2B and 3.When in doubt between grades 2B or 3,he selects grade 4. 50 percent premium for grade 3 berries was paid on about 450,000 barrels of berries, but only half of them deserved that premium, amounting to over 100,000 in undeserved premium payments. If all the berries were graded correctly, the cooperative would show a surplus that is larger by the amount of the undeserved premium payments, which would then be distributed back in exactly the same amounts to the growers.

If two dryers are added, the nominal dryer capacity increases to 1000 bbl/hr. However a new problem of operation arises. Dryers need to operate at 200bbl/hr capacity, their output must be shipped by bulk.While the direct bulk stations can handle 2000 bbl/hr, their output can go only to the local process plant,which handles only 700bbl/day.

Another option is to convert one or more of the dry holding bins to hold wet berries as well,at $5,000 per conversion. This option would reduce waiting times for trucks with wet berries and receiving crew hours. Such conversions would not affect the time the plant must operate over a day.It is worth spending $25,000 to purchase a second dryer. Staffing operators...
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