Macintosh Versus Windows

Topics: Apple Inc., Macintosh, Operating system Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Macintosh versus Windows (Final Essay)
Daniela Vanegas- Botero
COM/170 Version 4
April 9, 2013
Dr. Tracy A. Boothe

Macintosh versus Windows (Final Essay)

The comparing and contrasting between Apple supporters and Windows fans has raged on college campuses, social networks, and Internet message boards. It is a discussion that invited flame wars. Choosing between two of the most well-known and favorite computers in the world can be difficult because they are both competitive. Macintosh is a line of desktop and laptop computers developed by Apple. Each Macintosh computer, or Mac, runs a version of the Mac OS, Apple’s desktop operating systems. While Windows is a series of operating systems developed by Microsoft. Each version of Windows includes a graphical user interface, with a desktop that allows users to view files and folders in Windows.

Customer Satisfaction is probably the most striking difference between Macs and Pcs. In the most recent surveys conducted by both Pc World and Pc Mac readers chose Apple computers over every brand of Pc available. Macs scored high marks in categories like: reliability, service experience, and most shocking phone hold time. The only category in which Mac scored low was percentage of laptops needing repairs. It didn’t seem to matter, though, as Mac also topped the category, “likelihood of recommending. These high rankings are probably due in part to the way that Apple provides service. At a time when many PC manufactures have shipped their service centers overseas, Mac users can get face- to- face assistance from a technician at the Genius Bar help desk located in any Apple store. Having a centralized identity has also helped Apple. Let say a customer has a problem with a Mac computer, whether it is the hardware or the operating system, consumers can go to the Genius Bar. On the other hand, what if a consumers PC is on the fritz? They might have to speak to two or more companies just to...
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