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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Question 1
What are the key environmental factors that created an opportunity for Robert Stephens to start the Geek Squad? Technology Changes – as he said. “as long as there is innovation, there is going to be new kind of chaos”. His experience as a consultant led him to realize that most people needed help with technology and that they saw value in a service whose employees would show up at a specified time, be friendly, use understandable language and solve the problem. Regarding the consumers: His focus was to give the service to people who were less educated in the field of technology. Regarding the market: There were no competitors at that time and he founded his company in 1994. So entering the mar Question 2

What changes in the purchasing patterns of (a) all consumers, and (b) women made the acquisition of Geek Squad particularly important for Best Buy? Consumers were beginning to see the service as a critical element of the purchase. There was a high rate of return from the products that consumers got frustrated trying to operate them. But when Best Buy purchased Geek Squad, many of Geek’s consumers turned to be Best Buy’s consumers, and in general all the consumers were happy to shop from somewhere that helping services were provided as provided as well. After the service was provided a decrease return rates by 25-35% of their products was observed. Best Buy consumer research shows that women are becoming more interested in personal computers and home entertainment. They also expect personal service during the purchase and installation after the purchase Question 3

Based on the case information and what you know about consumer electronics, conduct an environmental scan for Geek Squad to identify key trends. For each of the environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory), identify trends likely to influence Geek Squad in the near future. In general consumers do bit like to read the manuals. Most consumers value...
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