M3.10 Introduction to Leadership and M3.36 Leading a Team Effectively

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M3.10 Introduction to Leadership and M3.36 Leading a Team Effectively

Reflective Review on M3.10 and3.36

I am in a team associated with carpentry and our main target is the common man. We don’t have a hugely wide market range as we have always been focused on the quality of our products. My team and I have several main roles, where everyone on the team is contributing including me, as follows to the measuring, designing, assembling and fitting any type of home furniture. As a team leader I am mostly focused on the customer service that we offer and quality control. Our market grows dally which means that there are more potential customers, but our goals are to offer top quality ,good variety of products, five star customer service and increasing productivity without decreasing the quality. We aim to be top of the range furniture manufacturer and keeping our customers ours even after their purchase. We strongly believe that wooing a customer accompanied by outstanding product quality will allow us to expand ourselves as a company with the highest product standard. The only way to accomplish such a task is by reaching consensus between the team members. A meeting has been scheduled every two weeks where every team member has to point at least one benefit and one liability even if their opinion is that there are none. I welcome competitive attitude in the team and the agenda behind that is revealing strength and weaknesses, raising productivity and quality, bouncing off ideas and motivating each other. During the work process we have established that awareness and criticism are effective boosts as to one can review mistakes based on the opinion of the rest of the team. I consider myself democratic and try to be as much competent as I can. Having a democratic leader who radiates competence is very useful for the team chemistry and achieving the set goals. The way my team recognise me allows me to be part of the team not only as leader but as a support as well...
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