M1 - the Effects of Three Different Discriminatory Practices on Individuals Using Health and Social Care Services

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Child abuse Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: May 20, 2013

Stereotyping is assumptions made about an individual, which could affect their health care. For example: Men are strong and they do all the work, men are the “backbone” in all relationships. All white Americans are obese, lazy and dim-witted just like the character Homer Simpson. All Irish people are drunk and eat potatoes.This is what most of the society thinks when they see individuals who look like this.

Stereotyping and prejudice are a part of society, but they are dangerous things to do in the health and social care sector, because there are things that health and social care staff can do to reduce the effects and standards of care they give to a patient. For example in domiciliary care, not giving a person as much care and attention as you would give to another patient because they don’t fit into what you think is normal or ordinary.

For the victim not getting the right amount of care and attention can have great consequences on their health and their social life. Not getting attention from others will give the victim a great deal of depression and low self-esteem.They will feel marginalised because they feel they don’t fit in.

For the perpetrator they might have restricted opportunities which cause them to stereotype or discriminate against others. The perpetrator might also have feelings of aggression and violence, so the only way to not use passive aggression against the victim would be to treat them worse than others without harming them physically but emotionally and making them have feelings low self-esteem and depression.

For the company/business they might have to take things further and dismiss members of their team, they could even be taken to court if the victim decides to prosecute. The responsibilities and rights of the company/business have to be brought into place and everyone who works in that establishment has to be questioned.


Labelling is when you put someone into a category...
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