Lylipad Case

Topics: Brand, Customer service, Trademark Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Lilypad- the corporate brand: help or hindrance ?
1. Situation for Lilypad :
Lilypad manages 12 hotels and resorts. These hotels are iconic properties located in beautiful areas. Each of these boutiques has to deal with the management of the customers, and each hotel is quiet independent in order to take some decisions.

The issue is that when a cutomer goes in one Lilypad Hotel, he usually doesn’t go and visit another Lilypad’s Hotel. That’s mean there is a very bad customer loyalty. Andre doesn’t have found the right balance between the corporate brand and the properties.

In order to solve this problem, Andre Cleary thinks about positioning the hotels under one corporate brand. He thinks that with this strategy, Lilypad could dim its cost and attract more customers to visit other Lilypad Hotel. Does he really have to create connection between each hotel?

2. Brand analysis
Brand salience:
Lilypad Hotel are premium Hotels situated in exceptional place. When a customer expects for iconic property with food of quality and architectural details, its needs are satisfied with Lilypad Hotel. Brand performance:

These hotels are sophisticated and stylish place. They offer spectacular city views and a customer service very efficient. Each property has an implicit promise: no other hotel in the area will offer to guests the same kind of culturally travel experience. Brand imagery:

Lilypad can target business travellers but also leisure travellers. However, both of them have to be culturally curious and in the upper class. The value and the promise of Lilypad is to offer cultural experiences and beautiful views. Brand judgement:

Lilypad Hotels are luxury hotels which mean high quality. This quality is notified by added value like exceptional views and quality customer service. Brand feeling:
When a customer goes in one of Lilypad Hotel, he feels certain that he will be provided an exceptional place; he trusts the property because he...
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