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Room and revenue management
Utmost Hotel, similar to its name, the hotel aims to serve our guests with our five-star services which let the guests indulge in this utmost experience during their stay in the hotel. This luxurious hotel is located on a hilltop where this strategic location enables our guests to enjoy spectacular night view of the whole city, feeling as if the city is just under their feet. Our hotel is also a great place for bird-watching and this attracts many bird-lovers to pay a visit to our hotel. This hotel mainly brings a sense of serenity of the nature, a good hide-away from the bustle of the city.

First of all we would like to introduce about the creative side of our hotel. Let us start from the entrance of the hotel which portrays the image and also the first impression of the guests towards our hotel. The hotel’s location at the mountain top will need the guests to take a cable car to reach the final station at our hotel, and it will cost them RM12 per ride. During this ride, afternoon tea is served before the guests got into the cable car, and it consists of a slice of homemade cake and a cup of coffee or tea of their choices. Now let us proceed to our hotel lobby where check-in and check-out take place. Our lobby is a nature by itself where it is surrounded by various floras and also the guests can see some special species of birds from the view of our lobby. This concept came into my mind where I would like the guests to feel one with our Mother Nature. Besides, in the hotel lobby, we have a slot machine for the guest to redeem their discount voucher. In order to redeem their voucher from the machine, the guest needs to insert their room key card for verification purpose. On top of that, the voucher is only can be redeemed once for each key card presented to the machine. By having this voucher, our guests can enjoy the privilege of having discounts while dining in our restaurant, not forgetting enjoying a spa treatment and also...
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