Love and Wall-e

Topics: Academy Award for Best Picture, Love, Film Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Pixar’s Wall-E is a heartwarming story about a lonely little robot left alone and dejected by humans. After hundreds of years of compacting trash, he developed a charming personality and was love struck by a search robot named Eve. This triggers an exciting and beautiful journey across the galaxy in search of her. Wall-E is part love story, part sci-fi, and part adventure, which all coincide to form a masterpiece. Pixar’s Wall-E has a run time of 98 minutes, so it is not too long but not too short. Wall-E is an award-winning movie that incorporates a beautiful love story with complimentary harmonies while appealing to all ages, perfect for ABC Ipic’s movie night. Starting out, Wall-E combines a great soundtrack with quirky and cute robot beeps that combine to create a beautiful story. The soundtrack and sounds are so great that Wall-E can get away with having very little dialogue, a feat not easily accomplished. David Ansen from Newsweek wrote “Wall-e doesn't have a lot of dialogue, but it has an amazing soundtrack… Even more important is the contribution of Ben Burtt, the sound and character-voice designer who manages to turn the bleeps and pings of Wall-E and Eve into the touching language of love” (par. 5). It truly is beautiful and extremely entertaining to watch robots communicate with very little dialogue, which brings out the importance of the soundtrack, where Wall-E does not fall short. Even better, Pixar’s Wall-E has won many prestigious awards. Wall-E is an all-around work of art, every aspect of entertainment and joy mastered to the fullest. The Baguette of the New York Times reported “Wall-E… was named best picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the first time the group has bestowed such an honor on an animated film” (par. 1). Best picture is the most prestigious award and only handed out to all around great films, which proves that Wall-E is a truly beautiful animated journey. Wall-E has won over 30 other awards from various...
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