Pixar – the Innovative & Creative Animation Company

Topics: Employment, Organizational structure, Creativity Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: March 25, 2013
PIXAR – the innovative & creative animation company
PIXAR is a world class animation film studio. The Pixar organization culture is influenced the company to be more creative and innovation. This is helping her to achieve remarkable awards in their industry. The great successful for Pixar is the share values, all employees named “Pixarians” who are proud of their job and love their job. They are self-motivated and enjoyed to be work in Pixar. By using seven dimension of organization culture, Pixar culture is achieved at least 3 dimension, they are: “People orientation”, “Innovation and risk taking” and “Team orientation”.

People orientation
Pixar management believes that new talent can blossom creativity and innovation thus using appropriated candidate, no matter whom they are and where they come from being a critical success of the organization. Like John Lasseter hired Andrew Stanton who writes script of Toy Story that he can’t. Pixar does not like other assembly studios which employed a group of freelance professionals to work on a single project. They hired a permanent staff takes the full responsibility in their role from project to project. Pixar provides on job training to encourage lifelong learning cultural, the in house professional development school – “Pixar University” where allowed any levels of employees to miss work for classes. Furthermore, Pixar promotes a slogan “Try, Learn and Try again” for innovation development. It is a company culture that encourages the staff to try something new and think in different.

Innovation and risk taking
As Pixar is a creative animation factory, their working environment also creative and breakthrough the normal office layout. They are mixing fun with their work place. We can find basketball court, game centre, gym room and even bathrooms in the main office. From the relaxing fun and play area, all employees can take a break and refresh their mind during office hour also meet different department people...
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