Wall-E Scares Us Into Change

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Wall-e Scares Us Into Change

Wall-e takes the idea of sustainability to a whole new level with dramatic appeal to the viewer’s pathos, lothos, and ethos. The story follows a small robot, Wall-e, as he tries to clean up the mess on earth that is left by humans. We assume that this tale takes place in the future and can interpret this as a prediction of what will come to be according to the author. Though clearly an overstatement, Wall-e sends chills to the viewer through its powerful message. Wall-e takes American consumerism to new heights by exaggerating what may come to be if Americans continue with their current lifestyle, using fear as its driving force.

Wall-e has a very clear message on American consumerism. The way in which is portrays humans as unhealthy, lazy and indulgent beings paints a picture of filth as far as the human race goes. It is the consumerisms of the humans that put them into the situation that they are currently in. they over-ate, over spent, and ultimately

over-wasted leading to the mass pollution of the plant. Wall-e implies that had Americans not been so consumed with “wanting it all now” that the universe would be in a different place.

It seems that in the world of Wall-e the opposite of consumerism would be sustainability. In response to their consumerism and lack of care for the environment, the world had no natural resources left and they must all retaliate to space to seek shelter while robots are left to clean up the mess that is left behind. This is symbolic for the way in which people are currently treating the earth in response to current threats of global warming and other sustainable issues. While consumerism is taking too much, sustainability is focused on preserving what means you have. This is clearly the theme of the movie. If nothing else , the director of Walle wants for us to feel a need to change our lifestyles after watching the movie.

We have established that the message of Wall-e is...
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