Love and Affection

Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Comparison of web browsers Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: May 21, 2013
How Microsoft is failing Windows 8

Four months ago, Microsoft released Window8, a complete rethinking of the interaction between humans and computers. As a paradigm shift, the only real comparison is when Apple introduced the iPhone, moving the world from clunky Soviet-style mobile interfaces to the colorful, responsive touch screens we have today. Of course, Apple had the advantage of not having to support 20 years of legacy code. An astonishing feat of engineering, but a giant boulder Microsoft feels compelled to push up a hill. And such robust backward compatibility comes at a price. The biggest problem with Windows 8 is every version of Windows that came before it. Why Microsoft is all but required to support programs written when Bill Clinton was an obscure southern governor, you have to look at the Redmond Company’s install base. Microsoft's Business division is worth $24 billion and the Server and Tools division brings in $18.7 billion. Those two divisions represent more than half of Microsoft's total revenue — almost all of it from corporate America. And those numbers don't even include Windows dollars. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, has boasted that there are 670 million computers running Windows 7, and every one of them is a potential Windows 8 upgrade.

It affects us as a whole because a lot of people use Windows8 and Windows7. If Microsoft crashes down then Windows7 or Windows8 would act crazy and go berserk and crash down a lot. Us people we don’t need to deal with this everyday and so on and so. Would get tired of using Windows and started using other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Then Microsoft would start losing money day by day if they don’t get this done quick and fast. The many days they wait the more days people have a chance to switch to something else much faster and smarter than Windows8 or 7.
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