Lot's Wife

Topics: God, Old Testament, Woman Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: December 19, 2012
A Journey with Lot’s Wife
The poem entitled Lot’s Wife illustrated an act of disobedience that was followed with punishment. According to Genesis, in the Old Testament, there was an urgency in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, a disaster was about to occur in the city. The cities were filled with sinfulness. Prayers of pleading for the removal of this horrible place was about to be answered. Lot was portrayed as a holy man who prayed often therefore God commanded the angles to rescue him and his family from it all. The cities were about to become darkened, deflated and devoid of life. Lot’s wife and her family were giving a direct command but she did not follow it so it caused her life. The Old Testament viewed how disobedient Lot’s wife was and because of it she was punished.

According to Akhmatova, Lot’s wife was grieving and mourning over the place that meant so very much to her. She longed for what would soon be her past. She ran through the dark road and looked into the bright shining light. During this time she wanted to take just one more glance at the city where she shared so many precious memories. Her heart was filled with distress and unhappiness at that moment. This was the place she established a home, where her children were nurtured and the place her love commenced with her husband. She could not imagine what life would be like if she detached herself from the one place she knew and loved. Akhmatova’s evaluation of Lot’s wife was unhappy in learning the known for the unknown. She asks the question who would weep over her death and then answers she would. Her death was described as a painful torment caused by her disobedience.

According to Karshtedt (1922-1924 and copyrights, 1996), Lot was an obedient holy man. An angel stood huge watching over them while they were escaping from the city in a rapid motion. Lot’s wife was being taunted by her consciousness. The thought of losing her history and memories was so overwhelming for her....
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