Jude and Sue

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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In the passage, Jude wishes to help Sue with her unhappy marriage because he love her, however he can not due to his own religious beliefs that prevents him from acting upon his feelings. The author chooses to reveal their predicament by using literary devices such as diction and symbolism through the mentioning of a trapped rabbit that is fated to die. The tone of the passage is best described as dishearten of Jude and Sue's lives which is evident through choice words such as agonies, lonely, disappointed, mortification, and tragedy. This gives the situation an unpreventable helpless feel to it, like they are both fated to suffer. This causes resentment in both Jude in Sue which manifested to the wishes of killing the "innocent rabbit". In Jude,he resents his feeling for Sue and must let it die or else he will no longer be the righteous "church-going man" that he currently is since loving her is a mortal sin. And is Sue her feelings of resentment is toward her unhappy marriage which has no point because woman back in those time could not divorce their husband and had no power due to "barbarous customs and superstitions". The symbolism of the rabbit being trapped by a man-made shackle can be applied to both Jude and Sue since both are trapped in society's moralistic thinking. For Jude it is faith, and for Sue it is tradition that binds them to their suffering. They are both "a bad catch" since both are aware of this suffering however if the chose to escape, they still die anyway due to the wounds. In other words, their escape will causes them great hardship that they can not bear. Thus both Jude and Sue had come to make their decision, and both choosed to kill the rabbit "to end its torture". Ironically enough, this decision to abide by society's rule is what led to there downfall. In conclusion, what mankind set out as rules for one's better living is not often that case, and many times situations like Jude and Sue occurs. Both wanted something...
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