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London Advantages

To live in London is to experience one of the great cities of the world. Students at UCL benefit from our location in the centre of the capital, the hub of culture, arts, politics, government, the media, the law and the great financial institutions of the City of London. The capital also offers a scene and status unrivalled by any other city.

UCL, England’s third oldest university, is at the heart of what has been described as ‘the knowledge capital of the world.’ London is an education. The capital is home to over 200 museums (twice as many as Paris or New York), 150 theatres, 34,000 shops, 3,000 parks and open spaces and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Kew Gardens, Maritime Greenwich, Tower of London and Westminster Abbey and Palace).

London plays a part in the academic life as well as the social life of being a student at UCL. Surrounded by libraries, archives, galleries and the headquarters of the professional associations, London’s students have access to an unrivalled range of cultural activities and influences.

Yet, for many students considering university in London, worries about the cost of living and studying may deter them from choosing to study here. Although it is a fact that studying in London can be more expensive than in some other parts of the UK, the true picture is often exaggerated.

According to the NatWest Student Living Index (2010), London is the most cost-effective city in which to study in the UK. The research analysed weekly expenditure including rent and living costs against earnings from part-time work. The results found that hard-working and resourceful London students are earning, on average, a massive £5,024 per year - a substantial £167.48 per week.

Above all, when it comes to entering the careers market, London graduates start with a real advantage, with so many of the country’s leading employers in the worlds of law, finance, business, media and communications on their doorstep....
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