Logical Fallacy

Topics: Violence, War, Violent crime Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Video games have become an integrated part of society both in the older and younger generations. As more and more complex games are made and introduced into the community, increased amounts of violence are put into these games to draw in more consumers. Many studies have reported that because of the violence in these games, younger children and teens have become more violent not only toward family, but also toward government and public property. If this continues on the track that has been established, it will lead to more murder and war not only in the United States, but also around the world. War will break out all over the globe leading to a third world war that includes nuclear and biochemical weapons, causing society and life to cease on Earth as we know it.

As violent games arose at the turn of the century, many of the young adults that were children at this time have taken the morals and ideals from these games and made them pertain to everyday life and reasoning. These games often portrayed violent actions that had no repercussions or consequences that were implemented. This created the idea that violence was a part of life, and was to be embraced and implemented as solutions for problems and issues that had no easy way out. As these video games brainwashed the teens and children that played them, it caused them to have the need to act on the actions shown. Government policies and laws may have seemed to be lacking in brutality against civilized people. These young adults may have good intentions to prosecute criminals who, according to them, deserved to to be punished, but are creating crimes and destruction themselves. Once these crimes have been enforced and have started to occur, the government will not be able to keep up with the crimes pouring in to law enforcement. The crimes will lead to murders and then to wars. With the nuclear power of nations around the world combined, and with anarchy overtaking the world, a third world war will break...
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