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What would the world be like without communication? There would be no developments, cooperation, or interactions. It is significant to communicate in order to get a variety of activities done. In the book Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn, communication was gradually getting tougher as letters fell, making communicating nearly impossible. The book dwells heavily on the theme of communication- reading, writing, and talking.

Reading was a painless task for everyone who resided in the island of Nollop. It was nothing to be prohibited. This novel is in letters, and people needed to know how to read to get their communication around. As it was important for the islanders to be updated with news on which letters were banned to use. The council of Nollop posted notices. “And honor his wishes removing “J” with jubilation” (Dunn,56). If you were illiterate here, and was not informed, you would have been banished from the island. Ella, the main character, and her cousin, Tassie read and wrote letters to each other almost every day, keeping each other informed with what was going on in Nollop.

As for writing, it got difficult as letters continued to fall. People had to write words in different ways to get their message around. “For Sunday, please use Sunshine
For Monday, please use Monty
For Tuesday, please use Toes
For Wednesday, please use Wetty
For Thursday, please use Thurby
For Friday, please use Fribs
For Saturday, please use Satto-gatto”(Dunn,70).
It must have been hard for Dunn to eliminate one letter by one and creatively write words in diverse ways. The High Council of Nollop began to scan letters to check if there were illegal letters contained in letters. Unluckily, Ella received a violation for using an illegal letter in her one of her letters. This is a violation of the freedom of speech. I think Dunn wanted to display how it would have been with this freedom taken away.

Lastly, talking also was a tough task in Nollop. Citizens of the...
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