Living with Person Centred Values Will Change My World, Discuss This with Reference to Person Centred Theory and Your Own Experiences

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Active listening Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: December 29, 2011
Living with Person Centred values will change my world. Discuss this with reference to Person Centred theory and your own experiences.

Person Centred therapy was founded and developed by Carl Rogers in the 1940’s. Carl Rogers believed that all human beings are essentially good and will strive towards the goal of becoming a whole person who is achieving their potential. Rogers calls this ‘Actualising’. He believed that every client had the ability to change themselves, his style of counselling meant that he avoided giving advice or direction, it was not a method of problem solving, but a place of safety for the Client, who, under the right conditions would gain positive feelings about him/herself. Rogers developed the idea that for the client to be able to actualise, grow and develop, they would need to be in the presence of a counsellor who displayed three Core Conditions. For the counselling process to be successful the client needs to feel that these three Core Conditions are in place, even though the client may not be aware of their importance. The client needs to feel that they have a trusting relationship with their counsellor and that they are valued as a person for their thoughts and feelings, that they will not be judged and are being listened to with understanding and compassion. The three core conditions that need to be in place are, Congruence, Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR) and Empathy. Congruence

Congruence refers to the therapist's openness and genuineness—the willingness to relate to clients without hiding behind a professional facade. Therapists who function in this way have all their feelings available to them in therapy sessions and may share significant emotional reactions with their clients. Congruence does not mean, however, that therapists disclose their own personal problems to clients in therapy sessions or shift the focus of therapy to themselves in any other way. (website: Allan I understand...
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