Liver Cancer

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“Each Year in the United States about one-hundred and fifty-thousand patients develop cancer of the colon or rectum. Around fifty percent of these patients will either have a cancer that has already spread to the liver or they will come back in future years with metastatic cancer to the liver.” Liver cancer, or other known as Hepatocellular Carcinoma, is a cancer residing in the liver. There are other cancers like metastatic cancer that starts at other organs then spreads to the liver. Being the third most common cancer in the world, it is also one of the deadliest. Twenty percent of the patients that are affected by liver cancer survive for a year after diagnosis. Sadly, five percentile of the survivors live for only five years or more. Usually when someone is facing this sickness, a six month survival time is most common. This certain type of cancer is not very common throughout the United States. It’s far more common in areas of Asia and Africa, and is more frequently occurring in men rather than women. No cure for liver cancer exists, but there are many advanced health options available to treat the disease and possibly keep it under control.

There are many different kinds of cancer, but it is very difficult to realize what kind someone has without consulting a doctor of their symptoms. When a body is facing liver Cancer, or metastatic cancer that ends up in the liver, they tend to go through a series of symptoms that can be temporary, last until being treated or last until death. The typical signs of cancer would involve appetite loss, as well as nausea and vomiting and more. liver cancer adds additional symptoms to the already long list. Other symptoms include pain in the upper abdominal area as well as swelling to that region or area. If a patient is also feeling general weakness and fatigue as well as a yellow discoloration of the skin, this could also be a sign of liver cancer.

Most often when facing a cancer illness, as well as other problems such as Leukemia, patients go through a treatment called Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a way to help cure the illnesses. Though it doesn’t always fully cure the patient, it does a tremendous amount of help to the best it can. For example, in a liver cancer victim’s case, the process includes using chemical agents to kill cancer cells. There are many different kinds of drugs, either used alone or with others, in order to best fulfill the removal of the certain cancer cells. Chemotherapy is not the only process of diagnostic procedures done during the lifetime of a liver patient. There are also several other procedures. Some common cancer procedures include X-RAYS, MRI’s, PET Scans, CT Scans, Radiation, and bone marrow biopsies. When facing liver cancer, patients must go through numerous amounts of other tests. An Angiography test is a test that analyzes the blood vessels that surround the vicinity of the liver. The Angiography test also involves injecting dye into the blood vessels leading to the liver, as well as placing a catheter into the artery in the upper thigh. The Laparoscopy test is performed while the patient is under anesthesia in the operating room. A miniscule camera is guided throughout the abdomen to examine if the tumor has spread throughout the liver or other components of the abdomen. An immense amount of blood tests are also very important during treatment. Some blood tests that can be performed are the Alpha-Fetoprotein, which is a tumor marker for liver Cancer, and many other tests that determine the number of blood cells, cancer cells, and etcetera. Throughout treatment, there are an abundant amount of obstacles people have to go through in order to obtain a semi healthy cancer lifestyle.

When facing liver Cancer, the doctor must understand the stage that the tumor is presently in. There are five stages that are possible answers to what correctly fits the patient. If a liver Cancer sufferer is in stage one, only one tumor is being shown and...
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