Littering: Litter and Paper Products

Topics: Litter, Animal, Human Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: December 14, 2012



Littering today seems to be a huge environmental issue. Littering occurs when people are too lazy to throw trash or dispose of waste in the right manner. How many times have you seen a driver put their hand out their window to throw something out? Littering consists of throwing away candy wrappers, bottle, old electronic, household goods, cans and the list goes on. Littering affects many things in the environment. First, littering effects the humans. Anything thrown out can get into our water source; it can contaminate the environment and pollute the air. For example tires are known to be disposed of illegally. When tires are burnt they let out a numerous amount of chemicals into the air. Tires are also good nesting spots for rodents quick most of the times carry diseases harmful to humans. Paper products like cups, plates, cardboard boxes are also popular items to be disposed of illegally. These things are usually nest for mosquito’s which also carry a lot of diseases. Most paper products are also the cause of fires. Littering also has a huge effect on animals. Most animals can’t tell the difference between food and thrash. A lot of animals die due to being poisoned from thrash they have eaten. Also, animals get trapped in plastics which eventually lead to their death due to not being able to cut loose. The cause of littering is us human. Like I stated before we are too lazy to throw away our thrash in appropriate area. Most of the time when we are done eating a candy bar or drinking a soda instead of holding on to it to throw it in a trash can we just drop it were we are standing. I have to say that most people aren’t aware of the real causes of littering. I don’t see any other cause but us. Animals or plants can’t litter they are in nature. We are the only ones in this world that deal with trash. We are the only solution for slowing down if not stopping littering. We as Americans need to stop being lazy and throw away...
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