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DELTA TOURS PCO organizuoja ne tik konferencijas ir seminarus, bet ir visiškai specifinius, atitinkančius užsakovų individualius poreikius renginius. Tai – prieš- ir po- konferenciniai turai, pramoginės-paskatinamosios kelionės įmonės darbuotojams, specialios programos lydintiesiems asmenims, aktyvios pramogos patalpose ir atvirame ore, muzikiniai, kultūriniai, teatralizuoti renginiai, specialios pramoginės programos, varžybos, vaidinimai, teminiai vakarai, kompanijų vakarėliai, produktų pristatymai ir pan.


We cater to various needs, from just a hotel booking for single travellers to a convention for hundreds of people. Booking with us, you will be offered: Accommodation ranging from budget to deluxe, in all three Baltic States, Russia Transfers within cities and between them;

Car, minivan and coach rental;
Services of experienced guides and interpreters in a number of languages; Theatre and concert tickets;
Arrangements for conventions and special events;
Special interest (hunting, bicycling, etc.) tours.

Lithuanian Jerusalem
The history of Jews in Vilnius goes back to the 14th century. Due to its tolerance to various nationalities and religions the city was known as a one-time international center of Jewish culture and learning, often referred to as “Jerusalem of Lithuania”. Royal Vilnius - Old Town Walk

The capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania - Vilnius - dream town and homeland of many nations. The Republic of Uzupis
Uzupis is the most romantic part in Vilnius. The place of artists, the Republic of Uzupis, is famous for its events and special atmosphere. A night with the ghosts of Vilnius
In his famous novel series Thomas Harris mentioned the fact that Dr. Hannibal Lecter spend his chilhood in Lithuania... Together with our ancestors
The Lithuanian Museum of Folk Life, which recreates the old everyday life of all four ethnic regions of Lithuania, organises merry calendar festivals: Shrovetide, an egg rolling compatition at Easter, Midsummer and others. Kernave: The ancient Capital of Lithuania

A trip to Kernave, the ancient capital of Lithuania situated close to Vilnius, the five mounds of which are included in the UNESCO list of objects of world culture. Soviet Vilnius
Reflections of the Soviet period Stalin Avenue, Lenin Square, the palaces of the Central Comittee of the Comunist Party of Soviet Lithuania and the Supreme Council of Soviet Lithuania; Grutas sculpture park: An exhibition of soviet culture

At the gate to Grutas park you will be met by Soviet militiamen and soldiers; you will see them every –where in the park. The amber route
Amber is fossil tree resin, which is appreciated for its color and beauty. Good quality amber is used for the manufacture of ornamental objects and jewellery. Although not mineralized, it is often classified as agemstone. Lithuanian Venice

The road takes us further along the valley of the biggest Lithuanian river, the Nemunas, on the high banks of which there are several castles. Later to the settlement of Bitenai. In the period of the ban of the Lithuanian press, Lithuanian books would reach the country through this village. Round the lakes of Trakai on a Kurenas

Having visited the castle of Trakai, the largest castle on an island in the eastern Europe, we board a fisherman‘s anvient boat, a Kurenas

We generally use the local hotel classifications. However, if the classifications do not meet international requirements we use our own classification.  We contract more than  400 hotels in the region and categorize them according to international standards as  5***** Hotels (deluxe hotels), 4**** Hotels (Superior first class and first class hotels). 3*** Hotels (Superior first class and first class hotels),    2** Hotels (Economy hotels). RESTAURANTS

We can offer meals at hotel restaurants or alternatively at good typical city restaurants. Restaurants are fairly priced in the Baltics Countries., Russia and Poland,...
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