Literature Review on Problem-Posing Pedagogy by Paulo Freire

Topics: Empowerment, Critical pedagogy, Paulo Freire Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Literature Review on Problem-Posing Pedagogy by Paulo Freire (Frank Tourlas)
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A current literature review helps people to be up to date with what is current in a given field (Smith, 2010). Therefore, a current literature review on Problem-Posing Pedagogy by Paulo Freire will help in knowing the current findings on the topic. Introduction

A literature review is an article reviewing the current crucial aspects of knowledge. Included in literature review are findings, theories and methodologies that contribute to a particular topic (Smith, 2010). This paper will discuss the literature review on Problem-Posing Pedagogy by Paulo Freire. It will also briefly outline the nature of study and main findings of the theory. Problem Posing Pedagogy is a style of teaching that puts a lot of emphasis on critical thinking with an aim of instilling liberation and empowerment. Empowerment education model is vital in health education. It is a model that improves health in all social and personal arenas. The model has the ability to change people believes and lives. Problem-Posing Pedagogy model by Paulo Freire was used to empower residents of a neighborhood in Vancouver that was undergoing densification (Sarah, 2011). In Vancouver city, there has been an increase in human activities that accelerate climate change. The increase in emission of Green Houses Gases (GHG) in the environment has overwhelmed the lay citizens. People feel disempowered in dealing with the menace of climate change (Blanco 2009). To prevent further climate change deterioration, Paulos’ problem solving pedagogy has empowered the residents of Vancouver in dealing with climate change. The designs of empowerment used to empower the residents of Vancouver include: information, inspiration, ideation, inclusion, integration and independence (Blanco, 2009). To empower the residents in order to effectively deal with climate change, the...
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